Easy Installation & Easy Setup

Installing NOMAD is a straight-forward, one-man job that requires no technical ability. You have the option to either leverage your own personel or utilize our national network of trusted professionals for system deployment.

  1. Install the permanently mounted brackets and conduit in the yard.
  2. Test the NOMAD unit before it leaves the yard.
  3. Your driver delivers the trailer to the location. 
  4. The driver mounts the NOMAD unit on the wall and feeds the cables through the pre-installed conduit.
  5. Plugs in the cables to the high gain antennas and leverages the easy install pole system to lift the pole and lock it into place.
  6. Plugs the power cable in to confirm red and blue lights.  
  7. Unplugs unit and heads back to the shop.
  8. Customer arrives onsite, plugs in the unit into the outlet on the wall and that’s it!  Internet is up and they can begin to work!